SO Rhode Island magazine: Farm-to-Bun Burgers

This article was published in SO Rhode Island magazine on December 7th, 2018.

Farm-to-Bun Burgers 

An elevated burger joint, Westerly’s Graze Burgers serves up grass-fed patties, shakes, and fries

Step inside Graze Burgers, and it looks like your hip cousin’s updated farmhouse. With a sleek, wooden design from Libby Slader Interior, you’re engulfed immediately in carb-heaven. Graze, which opened on October 19, is an old-fashioned burger joint with a twist: their grass-fed, hormone-free, “farm-to-bun” burgers come from the cattle at their Stonington, Connecticut ranch or from a local partner farm. The beef is single-sourced from cows that they hand-pick, and their burgers are “lean and flavorful” because they “blend all cuts of meat, including prime cuts like the tenderloin, sirloin, ribeye.”

Graze offers standard burgers and the bacon-topped variety; chicken sandwiches, veggie bowls, and even the Impossible Burger, which is made from plants and famously “bleeds” like meat. To complete your burger meal, customers can indulge in truffle parmesan or bacon cheese fries; they can slurp a decadent dessert in a cup, i.e., a frozen custard shake (caramel with whipped cream, anyone?). Opt out of the shake and sip kombucha, boxed water, or Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee. Graze Burgers plans to host a grand opening soon, so check it out now and beat the herd. 127 Granite Street, Westerly

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