East Side Monthly: Coming Soon

While Brown already has several smaller, more intimate performing arts spaces – such as the Granoff Center for the Creative Arts, Leeds Theatre, and Lyman Hall – the new performing arts center will be the university’s largest, and most expansive, to date.

Flix Premiere: Fantail Review

According to Maori legend, the fantail – a small, brownish bird equipped with a large white tail that spans out like the wings of a fan – is a ghostly premonition. It foreshadows death. And it haunts and shares its name with the masterful film Fantail, shot on location in New Zealand.

Flix Premiere: The Stairs Review

It’s the kind of film, sometimes rare even in the cinema verite genre, that you can tell that the filmmakers spent a great deal of time getting to know their subjects.

Screen Queens: Dream Women in Film Party

To watch Sally Hawkins onscreen, from Paddington to the Shape of Water, is to be reminded that cynicism isn’t always necessary; that experience can be enough unto itself; that there are still joys to be had (and found).

Providence Monthly: Hot Tickets

Published in the March 2019 issue of Providence Monthly.  Gather ‘round, film buffs and musical aficionados. Providence is a hotbed…