Watch Former Trump Supporter Mike Francesa Criticize Trump’s Handling of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Paste magazine originally published this article on March 31, 2020.

Trump’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic has turned a previously staunch supporter into a vocal critic. Mike Francesa, a mainstay of New York sports radio, a bit player in Uncut Gems and a one-time Trump supporter, expressed outrage at Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic on Monday in reaction to Sunday’s press briefing in which Trump accused a hospital of inflating the amount of supplies that it would need to protect against the coronavirus.

March 30, 2020 – The day that Mike Francesa’s unwavering loyalty to his old friend @realDonaldTrump finally came to an end.— Funhouse (@BackAftaThis) March 31, 2020

Francesa decried Trump’s message, saying that Trump “basically yesterday accused a hospital of padding the numbers that they need because they were trying to sell or send it out the backdoor, the masks.” Francesa added, “we’re watching people die and now we know people who died.”

In Francesa’s passionate rant, he outlined the scope and stakes of the pandemic, saying, “We here know this isn’t right. You get the guys in the metropolitan area and ask the cops in New York if it’s right. Ask the fireman in New York answering all these police calls, answering all these ambulance calls if it’s right right now. Ask the nurses and the doctors in the hospital if it’s right right now. They know it’s not. They don’t have the supplies they need.”

As current estimates predict, coronavirus is likely to kill around 100,000 Americans and infect millions, as per the New York Times. “Get this stuff made, get this stuff where it needs to go, and get the boots on the ground. Treat this like the crisis that it is,” Francesa implores.

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